Hass Door - 220/224/224E

Type: Commercial Steel

Style: Sectional Doors

Haas Door models 220, 224, and 224E are 2" thick, roll-formed, hot-dipped galvanized steel sections with a baked-on polyester finish. Sections are available in white, brown, and sandstone in 224 model.

Width: 220/224 - 24'-2" max. 224E - 16'2" max.
Height: 16'1" max.
Maximum square feet: 220/224 - 384, 224E - 256
Thickness: 2"


  • Vertical reinforcing members are attached to both the upper and lower horizontal meeting rails and to intermediate points of the panel to provide added rigidity. Heavy gauge galvanized steel intermediate hinges are bolted to the vertical members at all intermediate points.
  • Standard lock is inside slide bolt. Optional locking device utilizes a spring loaded lock bar, inside and outside lock handles and 5 pin cylinder.
  • Weatherproof section joint. Top and bottom meeting rails are roll formed to provide a tongue & groove joint.
  • The bottom section is reinforced with a full-length, retainer with a flexible vinyl astragal that has been designed for all-weather protection.
  • Adjustable top roller bracket, fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel, can be easily adjusted to provide positive seal at the header.
  • Combination hinge/roller brackets are fabricated from 14 gauge galvanized steel and are attached to the end stiles with machine screws. All rollers have continuous steel rim and ten 1/4" diameter hardened ball bearings in case-hardened inner and outer races.
  • Bottom corner bracket is fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel. Bracket is attached to bottom rail and end stile to form a lifting cradle and also holds cable assembly securely in position at each side of door.